Quiet Capsule Design Project – CSM


Geoffrey Makstutis
Course Leader – BA (Honours) Architecture: Spaces and Objects
Central Saint Martins (2014)

I am always seeking to find ways to support students to gain academic and real world experience. In architecture and spatial design, this is even more important; since architects and designers don’t work in isolation, but in the world outside the academy. The Quiet Capsule Project at CSM provided students with an opportunity to develop design responses to a set of important questions.

For example, how do you design a space that is intended to provide a suitable environment for a wide section of religious and secular needs? How far can the ambition of the designer go before it is in conflict with the needs of the user?

The design of the Quiet Capsule at CSM (by Luca Ponticelli, Previn Naidoo, Catherine Bella and Jordan Cottage) walks a careful line between being the design expression of an ambitious team, and providing a relaxed space for use by many different groups. Throughout the project, the student team; along with staff support, were confronted with both pragmatic questions and questions that challenge individual beliefs and values. The way that the team negotiated these issues was also a tremendous learning experience; in collaboration, negotiation, accessibility, and, of course, design and construction.
Ultimately, what the team has achieved is to provide a clear message that the College and University value the diversity of our students and staff. The quiet boldness of the design is in keeping with the character of the Kings Cross.

Kings Cross ‘Quiet Capsule’ for prayer or personal reflection is located on the first floor middle bridge, between block E and J